God is my Best Friend

When I was young God lived on a fluffy white cloud surrounded
by angels singing beautiful songs. My connection with God was in
evening prayer and church on Sunday.
Then after I married, I watched the movie “Ladyhawke” on TV one
day. I was fascinated by the young monk, played by Matthew
Broderick, who would just be walking along, talking out loud to God as
though He were his best friend.
I thought I’d give it a try. It seemed a little cheeky to ask the Lord
of the universe to be my best friend, but then there’s the hymn …”What a
friend we have in Jesus” and I yearned for that closeness.
So through the years, doing housework, raising children working in
the community, I had a new best friend.
It was so comforting to know that God was always there. The Spirit
was there in all my challenges, my victories, defeats, decision making
(although looking back, some of my decision making was definitely
My husband has a different relationship with God. He has a very
deep faith, but he only calls on God for important things. (When he says
he’ll pray for you—he means it.)
Now I’m old—so tired from almost fourteen
years of battling cancer. But my best friend is with
me. Through the surgeries, the radiation, the
infusions. So I know—I’ll get through.
Jane McKinley