I grew up in the Episcopal Church; curious about God I went to Church willingly. However, church was in and out, Sunday dinner, and back to routine stuff. In all those years I couldn’t tell you the names of anyone else who went. It was just me an God.

It wasn’t until I married and read a book by the Jewish theologian, Martin Buber, that the AHA moment hit. I found out what had been missing in my life. It wasn’t just about me and God, it was about me, God, and others.

My husband attended a Lutheran seminary in Ohio, and I would go out with him on Sunday supplies (along with our very big Golden Retriever, Salty). I started paying more attention to the people in the congregations. What a wonderful experience – fellowship was fun. A big help were the infamous Lutheran coffee hours. Jim and I would often be the last to leave because we so enjoyed meeting the people, and sharing faith experiences, not to mention the great goodies. (We always smuggled out a bagel for Salty). Today, I can’t talk and it’s really hard to socialize. Great granddaughter to the rescue! I brought her to Sunday School for an arts and crafts project. I didn’t need to talk, I just needed to appreciate and enjoy the work of the children and devoted Sunday School teacher. There was a real connection there.

Today I see people and families coming to church once a month or just on festival Sundays, then leaving immediately to go back to their routines, leaving a lot of uneaten cupcakes and unfulfilled possible friendships behind. So sad. My prayer for them is that someday they may find the joy of a full life – a real connections between God, themselves, and others.

Respectfully submitted by,

Jane McKinley